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Link + Learn™ Permanent Jewelry Training (eCourse)
Link + Learn™ Permanent Jewelry Training (eCourse)

Link + Learn™ Permanent Jewelry Training (eCourse)

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PROMO: Our eCourse will be released later this Summer. The listing will show as “sold out” until then.


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Interested in permanent jewelry training? Well, good news! After much interest from our community, we are now launching our Link + Learn™ courses so that you too can join in on the fun! Regardless if you choose to attend our in-person class or go the digital way, you'll learn all you need to know about permanent jewelry and how to get things going. This course is suitable for everyone whether you're starting a new business or just adding this service onto an existing one. Permanent jewelry is growing more & more each day and is believed to stay for many years to come. This craft is highly profitable, and the income made can quickly pay off the initial supplies & training investments! Not only will you learn how to weld jewelry, we'll also dive deeper into necessary topics so that you may be competent in this line of work. You'll learn about different jewelry materials, application techniques, business basics, and more! Depending on the type of device you’re using to view this, you’ll find a snapshot above or to the side which shows our entire course content outlined with all the different topics.


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With the rise of permanent jewelry, it's important to know who you'll actually be learning from. Your instructor, Jasmine Rae, is the owner of xx, Lovestoned based out of Los Angeles, California. Having built her brand from the ground up, she holds over a decade of professional experience in both the jewelry retail industry and as an instructor. She carries extensive knowledge in this field and is ready to share all her tips & tricks. Jasmine is very passionate about mentoring others and helping them prosper within their own businesses. This course is brought to you through a combination of years spent on her own trials & errors as well as many days & nights thoughtfully curating the content within, making Link + Learn™ a comprehensive yet easily digestible training. With permanent jewelry alone, she has taken the time, money, energy, and risks to test out an array of materials and welders out on the market to see what truly works best. With this, she hopes to guide you onto a smoother path to success. Spare yourself some trouble, and allow yourself to receive the support of someone who genuinely has your best interest & has the appropriate background. You can read more about Jasmine and her brand here


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You can be anywhere in the world, studying at your own time and pace. This online course can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device. It’s a great option for those with a busy schedule such as college students, full-time workers, and moms. Learn something new when it’s convenient for you!


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With our eCourse, students receive lifetime access with free updates over time. After purchasing, you get instant access. You'll also get bonus content which includes lists of reputable vendors, supplies, and resources. This eCourse does not include a kit or any other tangible items such as a the welder. Although a shipping address may be asked during checkout, please note that no physical items will be shipped to you. You do not need to buy anything else right away if you just want to get started on your education first. You can simply invest in your training now then order what you need later on. A welder is necessary to do permanent jewelry so eventually you will need to purchase one. Ask any successful Permanent Jewelry Artist out there, and you’ll come to know that Sunstone is the most reputable and top-leading manufacturer for permanent jewelry welders. We’re proud to be official distributors, and this also allows us to give you special pricing. Click here to view welders + supplies. We do have financing available! All students who complete their course will receive a certificate. Last but not least, on-going support will be available from your instructor.


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Financing is available! Once you're at checkout, instead of inputting your credit card information, you will select one of the other payment options. After clicking the "Pay now" button at the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to complete your payment method of choice. Most will be eligible for at least one, but we cannot guarantee customers will qualify.



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