𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔰𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔶

With a fondness for fashion along with an adoration of nature’s gifts, Jasmine Rae created a brand where she could share her handcrafted designs. Rising from humble beginnings, she began selling jewelry and crystals online (Etsy, Instagram) in 2013 before venturing off to her own website. Having grown up in Northeast Los Angeles, she would also sell locally by setting up a booth at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Flea Market. Through this and the help of social media, we connected with people who resonated with us which also led to some cool opportunities and fortunately still does. Our brand has attracted the most amazing customers who we value so much. We’ve collaborated with other creatives, had our accessories stocked in boutiques, been seen in magazines, and gotten to work on custom pieces for celebrities who were genuinely supportive of our small business. Time went on and as Jasmine evolved in her personal life so did the brand. What was once known as Native Vibestyle turned into xx, Lovestoned in 2019. Despite the change, it’s still with much heart and soul that we curate all that is collected in this space. We carry high quality jewelry from delicate and dainty to chunky and bold. Here you may also find crystals, candles, art, and more. We do our best to ensure a variety of options so that no matter the budget one can shop with us. Many consider our items as metaphysical tools and others simply love the aesthetic. Whichever rings true for you, what we offer is a token to embrace yourself through all your phases both light and dark. You are divine at all times and the writer of your own story. Learn to treasure each moment on this path and know that it is safe to wander even when things are a little foggy. As you go you’ll find that the real destination is actually you. It's a matter of getting connected with your truest essence. We hope our goods can help you tap into this energy of leaning into the process and aligning with your deepest desires. Allow your spirit to live, flow, and just be. Your presence is welcomed.


I was always the crafty type and working on jewelry has really fueled my inner child. I didn’t realize just how important this was until I became a mother and began raising my own. A significant catalyst was my eagerness for healing. I had a pretty rough start. The idea of even creating this business came while I was living off a couch. This was something I was used to as I had already hopped through several living situations since the age of sixteen. I was a high school drop-out and worked crummy jobs. I earned anywhere between eight to twelve dollars working at multiple places and invested what I could to establish my own brand. So you see, I wasn’t exactly prepared haha. But! I was focused on making a positive change. A good thing to note is that the Universe always has a plan if you're willing to take guided action upon it. I believe there is more than enough abundance to go around for us all. I have acquired much knowledge in entrepreneurship (life in general) and will continue to with hopes of sharing with those who seek guidance. During the growth of the brand, I’ve been able to get a college degree, nurture a family, and try my best to navigate a balanced life. I’ve come a long way and still have more to go. I am grateful for the endless support. When I say I appreciate the people I’ve crossed paths with, I truly mean it.